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Giants sign Jerome McDougle, the "I wish I'd mentioned it yesterday" Story of the Day

Yesterday when I was posting the cuts, I saw the Eagles had cut Jerome McDougle. I immediately thought "The Giants should try and sign this guy, he knows Spags, he knows the D, he can be gotten on the cheap, and the Giants just love guys from the U". But with everything else going on, I never got around to posting it.


Now comes word the Giants have signed the former Eagles 1st round pick. Here is what McDougle had to say about coming to the Super Bowl Champs:

"It is great. Defending Super Bowl champs I look good in blue," McDougle said. "I feel good to be here, staying in the division, so not really much of a difference as far as guys you are going against, and I just feel good to be here, to be wanted, and I am just looking forward to doing some good things on this defense."

I think this is a good move by the Giants. I know he has been injury prone, but a change of scenery just might what the doctor ordered.

Giants sign ex-Eagle McDougle for DE depth