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The Cuts


Here are the cuts so far announced by the Giants:

QB Anthony Wright

QB Andre Woodson

FB Robert Douglas

WR Marcus Monk

WR Brandon London

TE Eric Butler

TE Jerome Collins

OL Kurt Quarterman

OL Na'Shan Goddard

OL Andrew Bain

OL Digger Bujnoch

DE Wallace Gilberry

DE Alex Morrow

DT Jeremy Clark

DT Ogemdi Nwagbuo

LB Tank Daniels

LB James Terry

CB Geoffrey Pope

S Stuart Schweigert

OL Cliff Louis

CB Darren Barnett

The Giants are reportedly going to sign John Carney, who played for the Rams when they were still in Clevel....I mean Los Angeles, to handle the kicking. Carney worked out for the Giants today

That is 22 cuts, but someone will have to go to make room for John Carney. My money is on Reuben Droughns.

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