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The Turk is coming

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Today is cut-down day around the NFL. Teams have to be down to the season-opening 53-man roster by 6 p.m. EST, and our New York Giants have plenty of difficult decisions to make.

Coach Tom Coughlin knows he and General Manager Jerry Reese won't have an easy time determining the final roster.

"It's always a good sign when it is a difficult time making decisions on the 53," coach Tom Coughlin said on a conference call Friday. "So you always want to be in that position. You don't ever want to see a player leave. But you also want the positions to be highly competitive."

I have made a couple of guesses at the final 53-man roster, and I'm not going through the whole thing again.

Let's look at a few of the toughest choices.

  1. Backup Quarterback -- David Carr played his way into the No. 2 job Saturday. Rookie Andre Woodson may have played his way onto the waiver wire. I'm reversing gears on this one. I think Carr and Anthony Wright both stay, and Woodson goes.
  2. Danny Ware vs. Reuben Droughns -- I'm still going with Ware. Droughns is a savvy veteran and can still contribute, but Ware shows enormous potential.
  3. Sinorice Moss vs. Brandon London -- London made a great final impression Saturday with four catches. Moss, though, was open deep several times throughout the pre-season. If the Giants get a decent offer for Moss, they might trade him. Otherwise, London is out of luck.
  4. Placekicker -- All I know is it can't be Josh Huston.
  5. Cornerback -- I'm not sure which one, but I get the feeling that either Sam Madison or R.W. McQuarters -- and maybe both -- will be looking for a new team by tonight.
  6. Safety -- Veteran Sammy Knight didn't get into the game until very late Saturday. I think there is a chance Knight goes and Stuart Schweigert stays.