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38 Candles On My Cake, and my present

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So your old pal Jim is 38 today. Luckily, I still act 14, so I think it balances out. You know how on foods they have that formula to figure out "good carbs"? Well, I'm going to use a similar formula:

Age according to birth certificate from Weehawken, NJ Public Records: 38

Age I act: 14


Divide by 2: 26

So there you have it, I am 26 years old, net years.

As the old saying goes, "Good things come to those who wait", and in honor of my 38th/26th birthday, I was finally able to get a present I've wanted for 10 years. Here is the first picture of the finished product. I'll have a better pic to show when its all healed.


I am thrilled with the job my new friend Darian did. He had never done a football helmet before, and he did a great job of giving it a fantastic 3-D look. If you're ever in South Florida, and decide to get inked, or if you just want to see his work check out Tattoos By Darian

My tattoo should be on his site soon as well. My niece came along and documented the whole process, I will put some of those pics in my Fan Shots at some point.

Also, Happy Birthday to Big Blue View reader, Giant fan, and dear friend of mine for 35 years, Bryan C, who will ALWAYS be a day older than me.