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The Greatest Moments In Jets History


As a team that has been in the league almost 50 years, the New York Jets have certainly had their share of great moments. Also, be sure to check back in at 4 PM, when BBV will announce "The Greatest All-Time Jets Moment".

Great Moments in New York Jets History

  • 1962: When still the New York Titans, owner Harry Wisner has fans move closer to the field to give the illusion on TV that more fans were at the game.
  • 1962: Owner Harry Wisner can't make payroll, AFL forced to take over the team's finances.
  • 1968: NBC decides the nation would rather watch "Heidi" then the Jets, a fact that still rings true today.
  • 1969: Joe Namath guarantees the Jets will beat the Colts in the Super Bowl. Jets beat Colts 16-7, and Namath never lets the world forget it.
  • 1976: Jets hire Lou Holtz as head coach, Jets go 3-11 and Holtz quits before final game. Jets release Joe Namath, Joe tells the "Guarantee" story as he leaves Shea Stadium.
  • 1979: Jets celebrate 10th anniversary of Super Bowl III victory, Joe Namath tells the "Guarantee Story."
  • 1980: Jets go 4-12, and are the only team to lose to the 1-15 Saints.
  • 1982: Jets lose to Dolphins in AFC Championship Game, 14-0. Jet QB Richard Todd finds a wide open Dolphin linebacker A.J. Duhe three times, including one for a TD.
  • 1983: The Jets announce that after 20 years, they are tired of their fans peeing on the walls at Shea Stadium, and that they will move to the Meadowlands for the 1984 season, where their fans have been peeing on the walls ever since.
  • 1984: Jets move to Giants Stadium, surrendering their identity and alienating their Long Island fan base.
  • 1985: Jets retire Joe Namath's number at Giants Stadium, Joe tells the "Guarantee" story.
  • 1987: Giants win Super Bowl XXI, giving them the same number of SB titles as the Jets.
  • 1991: Giants win Super Bowl XXV, taking the lead in NY SB wins.
  • 1994: Jets have 24-6 lead in 3rd quarter of 1st place showdown with Dolphins, but Dan Marino rallies the Dolphins to a 28-24 victory, thanks to the infamous "Fake Spike" TD pass to Mark Ingram. Jets lose last 5 games, head coach Pete Carroll is fired.
  • 1994: Jets owner Leon Hess hires Richie Kotite as head coach, proclaiming, "I am 80 years old, I want results NOW!" Jets respond by going 3-13 in Kotite's first year.
  • 1994: NFL announces 75th anniversary team, Joe Namath not named to team, but tells "Guarantee Story" anyway.
  • 1996: Richie Kotite fired with a 4-28 record after 2 seasons as Jets coach. In an interview with ESPN after being fired, Kotite says, "I thought Mr. Hess said he wanted results "Now and then", my bad."
  • 2000: Bill Parcells resigns as head coach after the 1999 season. Bill Belichick is hired as head coach, only to resign as "HC of NYJ" the following day, saying he took the job after "eating bad mushrooms from my neighbors yard". Al Groh wins an essay contest and becomes the new Jets head coach.
  • 2001: After just one season as head coach, Al Groh resigns.
  • 2001-2005: Herm Edwards coaches the Jets, and confuses the hell out of everyone.

  • 2007: Jets head coach Eric Mangini catches Patriots stealing signals, Jets don't change signals, Jets go 4-12, and Pats win AFC Championship.
  • 2007: NFL investigates fan behavior after its reported drunken Jets fans are berating women to take their tops off at Gate D of Giants Stadium.
  • 2008: February 2nd widely celebrated as "Worst Day in Jets History" as Patriots and Giants play in Super Bowl 42. Giants defeat previously unbeaten Patriots, 17-14.
  • 2008: Jets trade conditional 4th round draft pick to Green Bay Packers for Brett Favre, last spotted throwing away the NFC Title to Corey Webster of the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.