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Tynes' injury not funny to Giants now


We had a good laugh at Lawrence Tynes' expense a couple of weeks ago when he complained about the grass at UAlbany, then got hurt.

Well, it's not so funny anymore.

Tynes is now facing knee surgery, and the results could leave his season in doubt.

From Mike Garafolo.

Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes, who suffered a left knee injury while making a routine kick during training camp and has been sidelined for almost two weeks, will undergo exploratory surgery tomorrow morning that will determine how much time he's expected to miss, according to three people with direct knowledge of Tynes' injury and scheduled procedure.

All three people, who requested anonymity because injury information is supposed to come from coach Tom Coughlin, said it's possibile the surgery will reveal an injury could land Tynes on t

he team's injured reserve list.

Let's hope Josh Huston is up to this challenge. A placekicking revolving door is something the Giants don't need.


"Congratulations, Brett, on coming to New York. Welcome. He wanted to play ball, Green Bay didn't want him and now he is in New York. The New York Giants will welcome him to the Big Apple."