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Reese pondering who stays, who goes

We discussed the possible make up of the season-opening 53-man roster here yesterday. Giants General Manager Jerry Reese has also been giving it plenty of thought.

"I don’t like those formulae that tell you there have to be eight offensive linemen and five wide receivers and so forth," Reese says. "I have always felt you have to keep the 53 best players you have, and the rest will sort of take care of itself."

"There is still a way to go in the preseason and anything (such as injuries) can happen. I am convinced that we will keep the best players."

As always, in Reese we trust.



SPECIAL NOTE: SB Nation does not currently have a New York Jets blog. As good New York sports fans, though, 'jrs' and I have decided to step into the breach. So, Friday, Big Blue View will go green. Much of the day will be devoted to the Jets, Saturday's exhibition opponent. We have a couple of surprises in store for you. We aren't so sure Jets fans will appreciate them, but we think loyal BBV readers will.