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War of words with Cowboys escalating

Following his enlightening interview with Giants' GM Jerry Reese, ESPN's Matt Mosley promised even more goodies from his visit to training camp at UAlbany.

He didn't disappoint. I mean, he really, really didn't disappoint.

To begin, Mosley has a piece on Brandon Jacobs racheting up the war of words with the hated Dallas Cowboys.

After calling the Cowboys an "arrogant group," Jacobs followed with this:

"I guess they won their Super Bowl rings in training camp, because they didn't win it last year," he said.

I'm not sure whether the Giants have heard about Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips referring to them as "last year's champs" during training camp in Oxnard, Calif., but I'm certain it's something they can work with. As GM Jerry Reese told the NFC East Blog on Wednesday, the Giants "play the role of the underdog as well as anyone."

God, I hate the Cowboys. Interesting that there were comments in Thursday' 'Roundtable' about how Redskins fans were pretty easy to get along with. The Cowboys and their fans are, generally, umm, let's say easy to hate.

Mosley also delivers with an excellent interview with Eli Manning.

Here's a snippet.

He's listened to the pundits (many on this site) pick the Cowboys to win the NFC East and he heard about Donovan McNabb saying that the Eagles will win the NFC.

"It makes you want to go out and earn it again," he said. "When everyone's praising you all the time, you start to believe it."

Manning doesn't have a problem with people who say the Giants simply got hot at the right time because he pretty much agrees.

"I want to know why we weren't more consistent last season," Manning said. "Why did we have to wait for those last five games to play like that?"

We would all like to know, Eli. And, we would like to see you play like that all season this time.