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ESPN's Mosley visits Giants' camp

ESPN's Matt Mosley spent some time at Giants' training camp this week, and came away with some interesting stuff.

Mosley had a very entertaining interview with general manager Jerry Reese.

Here is Reese explaining what he saw as the main reasons the Giants are DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS.

  1. "We played as a team, and I give Tom Coughlin all of the credit for that. He changed some things about his approach, and the players responded to him."
  2. "We cut way down on our penalties last year. You can't beat yourselves with penalties."
  3. "In the playoffs, we won the physical battles. This is a physical, physical league and we were prepared for that.

Mosley also had some thoughts about what he saw during practice on Tuesday. He promised more from his visit to camp Thursday, so be sure to check it out.