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The no respect routine continues

The Big Lead, one of the top sports blogs in the business, has joined the growing list of pundits showing the Giants no respect as the 2008 season approaches.

TBL has the Giants finishing third in the NFC East behind Dallas and Philadelphia.

The explanation?

A dip is inevitable. Before an absolute tear in the postseason, this was just an underwhelming team riddled with potential.

I should be used to this stuff by now, but it still annoys me. I can live with picking the Cowboys. But, the Eagles picked ahead of the Giants? Based on what? Even TBL doesn't have a good reason.

This is unexplainable. It’s not because of supposed game-changing rookie DeSean Jackson. It’s not just because of Asante Samuel, either. The biggest reason could be because the Giants can’t possibly duplicate last season’s success.

Can anyone else recall the last time a Super Bowl champ got such little respect? I can't.