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Get a new GM! Reese is done!

Giants General Manager Jerry Reese has apparently lost his touch.

As predicted here a couple of weeks ago, defensive end Robert Henderson, one of the teams' 6th-round draft choices, Sunday became the first Reese era draft pick to be cut by the team.

Henderson and undrafted free agent safety Nehemiah Warrick were both cut. Both players suffered injuries in Thursday's pre-season opener, and appear to be victims of the 80-man roster limit more than anything else. I know Warrick is a player some thought had an outside shot at making the team.

Fact is, though, with the 80-man rosters teams simply can't carry marginal players who can't practice.

In a strange turn of events, the Giants signed former Oakland Raider safety Stuart Schweigart to replace Warrick. Schweigart lost his job in Oakland when the team signed ex-Giant Gibril Wilson. Replacing Henderson is free agent Antonio Reynolds, whom the Giants released in May.