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TC to replace JoePa? Nonsense!


Tom Coughlin is one of the top five candidates to replace Joe Paterno when the legendary 81-year-old coach finally leaves Penn State? Hogwash!

In a Sporting News column the other day Matt Hayes made that claim. He didn't base it on anything, no inside info or anything, just threw Coughlin's name into a list of possible replacements.

It seems to me like Hayes was making a list, needed a name and just threw Coughlin's in there for no other reason that TC is a brand name. Coughlin to Penn State is a ridiculous idea, and Hayes gave no indication he had any real reason to even think Coughlin would be interested.

I hate it when journalists do stuff like that, just throwing crap against the wall in the hope that maybe something sticks. Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News has already taken Hayes to task.

I have no sources at Penn State, but I feel reasonably comfortable in saying, "Rule it out, people." Aside from the fact that Penn State isn’t likely to replace an 81-year-old coach with a 61-year-old, it’s also hard to see Coughlin ever taking any other job - college or otherwise. He’s more likely to coach out his current deal with the Giants, and then go spend the rest of his days playing with his grandkids.

I have to agree with Vacchiano. Hayes putting TC on that list makes zero sense, unless he was just trying to get a reaction from folks like me.

If so, mission accomplished. Hopefully, we don't have to hear about this nonsense again.

Oh, and since I mentioned Paterno why is everyone in such a rush to retire the man? I know he's old, I know his offense is antiquated and I know he probably loses recruits because some other coaches are whispering in their ear and convincing them JoePa won't live long enough to see them through school.

Entering this season, the 81-year-old Paterno has 373 career victories, tied with Bobby Bowden for the most by a Division I football coach. He's got two national titles. He's got the energy and the will to continue.

Leave the man alone. He is an icon and deserves to go out on his own terms.


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