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Wednesday Walk Around The League

Good morning, here are some stories making the rounds in the NFL:

  • Here's a great story from the NY Times about how family owned franchises are becoming a thing of the past. Nice picture of Mr. Mara in that article as well.
  • That sound you hear is dogs all over the world applauding as Michael Vick has has filed for bankruptcy.
  • The NFL has hired the Pennsylvania State Police Chief to run all aspects of league security. Wonder if they showed him the video from Gate D during Jets games yet.
  • Brett Favre, will he or won't he? Here is the latest on the situation from ESPN .

I am and have always been a huge Brett Favre fan. The guy has enough guts for 5 people, and always looked like he was playing in a schoolyard with a Nerf football, he was having so much fun. But the way he is holding the Packers over a barrel here just flat out sucks. He has truly left them in a no-win situation. If they bring Favre back, that puts the screws to Aaron Rodgers' career. If they trade Favre, how will they be perceived by the Cheeseheads for trading away their beloved Number 4? I'll never know what it means to have that kind of talent, and to one day just try and walk away from it, so I can pretend to know what he is going through, all I know is Brett has handled this poorly, and everyone is going to look bad in the end.

Lastly on the Favre subject, I did a little digging and came across this Packer Blog, where the majority opinion seems to be that Brett should stay retired. Seems like even his biggest fans are ready to move on. Brett should take the hint.

  • And finally today, Tony Gonzalez knows the Heimlich.

That's it, kids, I am off for the next 11 days for some R & R in NJ/PA/NY. I'll be at Shea Stadium for my farewell on Saturday. Look for me in the upper deck behind home plate, I'll be the guy in the Mets hat with a beer in my hand.