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Romo knows who's in charge

Jessica9_medium I usually stay away from stuff like this, but considering this week's back-and-forth with Dallas Cowboys' fans, this is too good to pass up.

It seems we know for sure now who wears the pants in the Jessica Simpson-Tony Romo relationship.

Here's the incriminating evidence from

Tony Romo, a native of Burlington, Wis., was home visiting family and decided to join his father, Ramiro, in the Ray Fischer 72-hole Amateur Championship at Riverside Golf Course in Janesville, an event run by the Wisconsin Public Links Association.

The Dallas Cowboys' quarterback, a two handicapper, started well, shooting 69 and 70, five under par, and was tied for third (in a 172-man field) after Saturday's second round. He shot a 74 in the third round on Sunday morning and was fading on the front side of the final 18 when he withdrew and left in a hurry. The reason? He had to get girlfriend Jessica Simpson to the airport.

As AOL Fanhouse points out, I'm pretty sure Tony and Jessica could have come up with cab fare or money to pay for a rental car.

Instead, Tony showed the world just how whipped he is. This is the leader of the team Giants fans are supposed to be jealous of?