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Jones wins 2nd receiver slot


In the closest, most interesting vote we have had for any of the positions on our Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team, Homer Jones has earned the second wide receiver slot, besting Plaxico Burress by one vote. Yes, one vote.

The final tally? Jones 40, Burress 39. Del Shofner and Joe Morrison each got 14 votes, and Kyle Rote 12.

I understood the support for Burress, since current and more recent players are better known to most fans. I was gratified to see the support for a player from an earlier era, though.

So, we now have just two positions left -- running back and quarterback. The Tiki Barber situation will be interesting here.

What I want to do first is ask you guys if we should simply give Tiki a slot, as we have done with Toomer and Lawrence Taylor? I know many of us have mixed feelings about Tiki, so I'm interested to see what you guys want to do here.

Respond to that poll. Once we figure that out, I'll post the full running back poll.

Have a happy, safe 4th of July everybody!

Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team


Bill Parcells


Punter -- Sean Landeta
Placekicker -- Matt Bahr


Defensive End -- Michael Strahan
Defensive End -- Leonard Marshall
Defensive Tackle -- Roosevelt Grier
Middle Linebacker -- Harry Carson
Middle Linebacker -- Sam Huff
Outside Linebacker -- Lawrence Taylor
Outside Linebacker -- Brad Van Pelt
Cornerback -- Dick Lynch
Cornerback -- Mark Collins
Safety -- Emlen Tunnell
Safety -- Spider Lockhart


Center -- Mel Hein
Guard -- Ron Stone
Guard -- Chris Snee
Tackle -- Rosey Brown
-- Jumbo Elliott
Tight End
-- Mark Bavaro
Wide Receiver
-- Amani Toomer
Wide Receiver -- Homer Jones