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Messy Bradshaw saga isn't over yet

Reports are surfacing today that Giants' running back Ahmad Bradshaw will still have to serve another 30 days in jail for an apparent parole violation.

Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News seems to have the most detail on the story right now in his Blue Screen blog.

Here is part of Vacchiano's report.

According to various sources, the reason for the mystery is that authorities in Virginia screwed up. The sources insist that the incident that triggered the probation was the infamous incident in 2006 when Bradshaw, then at Marshall, stole a PlayStation from a teammate. Apparently when he was convicted, the state overlooked the fact that the crime was a violation of a previous probation.

Apparently sometime during the Super Bowl run, when Bradshaw’s story was told over and over again in the press, someone realized the oversight and informed authorities. Then a deal was struck for Bradshaw to serve the time he should’ve served in 2006.

No one has confirmed that theory on the record, though - possibly because it wouldn’t reflect well on the state of Virginia. However, authorities in that state have bigger problems now, because the report in the Herald-Courier is less about Bradshaw’s extra jail time and more about the alleged special treatment he received in prison.

Apparently, Bradshaw’s lawyer and Virginia officials are currently having discussions (or possibly hearings) about how this whole situation was handled/bungled.

Ugh! What a disaster!

At this point, I feel bad for Bradshaw. He seems like a young guy who has made some mistakes, but is pointed in the right direction and is trying to do the right things.

Yet, because of other people's incompetence his past indiscretions just won't go away.