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Carr is making TC nervous

The David Carr resurrection effort the Giants are undertaking is so far playing to mixed reviews.

Watching Carr is making coach Tom Coughlin's blood pressure rise.

“He gets pushed out [of the pocket] and he’s trying to make a play,” Coughlin said. “Something pops in your eye and you have a tendency to go to it. But you have to realize all the problems that are out there, too. You have those other [colored] shirts trying to catch the ball as well.”

Carr, for his part, acknowledges that he has been affected by all of the hits he has taken (including 76 sacks as a rookie) since being drafted No. 1 by Houston in 2002.

“You have a clock in your head and when that clock hits zero before you take the snap, you’re just looking to get rid of the ball,” he said. “I don’t think it was the fear of getting hit — if it was I would have stopped a long time ago — I think it was the fear of negative plays.”

If Carr can't settle down, slow the speeding clock in his head, and soothe Coughlin's frayed nerves, he won't beat out Anthony Wright or Andre Woodson for a spot on this team. Or, the Giants could bring back Jared Lorenzen.