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Monday morning Giants notes

Pretty quiet day, especially since the Giants did not practice Sunday. Here are some stories that were floating around the Inter-Google Sunday.

  • We went over this story several times last season, but the New York Times apparently thought the changes in Tom Coughlin's demeanor needed to be discussed one more time.
  • Interesting story in the San Jose Mercury News on former Giant Gibril Wilson. Wilson had nothing to say about the Giants at all in this interview.
  • Buried in a column by's Don Banks after he visited Giants' training camp last week is a bit about the Giants effort to revive David Carr's career.

"David has had a tough experience so far, but he's obviously got the skill set, because he was the first pick in the draft,'' Giants general manager Jerry Reese said Saturday. "But it's between his ears right now. He's got to rebuild some confidence and have some success, and then he'll start to feel better about what he's doing.''