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For Big Blue View, it's season number two

Another training camp opens Friday as the New York Giants prepare to begin defense of their Super Bowl championship.

For Big Blue View, that means we are entering our second regular season of writing about and discussing the Giants on a daily basis. I thought that made today a perfect time to say hello to newcomers, lay out a few ground rules and drop some reminders for you veteran members of Big Blue View Nation.

First, let's make one thing clear. Big Blue View is taking ALL the credit for the Giants' Super Bowl triumph. After all, this was the Giants first championship of this decade, and they didn't win it until Big Blue View and its loyal Nation of Giants' fans showed up. So, it had to be us. We did it!

By the way, if everything falls apart this year Big Blue View accepts no blame. We are a nation of fans. Screwing up is on the players. Greatness is achieved simply because they do not want to be booed!

Anyway, back to our growing community here at Big Blue View.

I know there are a lot of newcomers here. I can tell by the ever-growing traffic numbers that -- like an ever-expanding Honda Accord (yeah, I just bought one) -- our little community isn't so little anymore. It's not the biggest, but to my mind it's the best.

If you're one of those newcomers, welcome. We're glad to have you. Drop a comment, tell us how you found the place and tell us a little about yourself.

You will find BBV to be a friendly place. Co-writer 'jrs1940' refers to Big Blue View as 'a sports bar for Giants fans only.' That means it's a friendly place for discussing and sharing of ideas. We want to keep it that way. No lushes allowed.

If you want to comment, bring something worthwhile to the table. Think about your responses, do a little research, have something meaningful to say. You've got to do better than "Romo is a homo" or "Eagles suck." We don't need that sort of adolescent nonsense here, we need comments that add to the discussion.

I generally won't censor your language, though I would appreciate it if you would keep the cursing to a minimum. I will rarely use curse words in my posts, and I would appreciate it if you would only curse in your comments if it's absolutely necessary. Just have a little respect for the folks who don't want to read that stuff.

We get trolls occasionally, especially Cowboys fans. They are annoying sometimes, but the same rules apply. Try to ignore them as much as you can, and try not to sink to the name-calling level.

As for content, here's a general idea of what you will find. There will be commentary, game day open threads (which work like live blogs on the new platform if you leave the comments window open), game reviews, links to Giants-related stories and as much news as we can post. We've got some new things in store for you this season, which I won't reveal yet since I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Both 'jrs1940,' who was added as a co-writer during the off-season, and myself have full-time day jobs, though. So, there will be times news items don't get posted right away. If we don't post it and you think it belongs on the site, drop it in as a Fanpost or Fanshot. We appreciate the help.

Just remember, we're all friends here. Keep it that way, keep it mature and we will continue to enjoy each other.

Go Big Blue!