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Giants have depth at corner

Corey_webster_medium Training camp is approaching, and it's time to begin getting serious about what our DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPION Giants will look like this season.

Today, I will begin a look at some of the more interesting position battles that will be worth watching in Albany this summer.

Let's start at cornerback, where there figures to be a ton of competition for both roster spots and playing time.

The Locks

The way I see it, Sam Madison, Aaron Ross, Corey Webster, Terrell Thomas and Kevin Dockery are locks to make the squad.

The real battle here will be who plays, and how much. If Webster's outstanding post-season performance wasn't a mirage and he truly has become a top-flight corner, I see Webster and Ross taking the starting spots with Madison as third corner.

Ross, last year's No. 1 pick improved as the year went on and showed the size, speed and toughness to make me think he can be a quality corner for a long time. If Webster continues his good play and Madison still has something in the tank, this is a solid group.

Dockery and Thomas will battle for playing time against four and five-wide receiver sets.

The Others

R.W. McQuarters, Geoffrey Pope and Darren Barnett are probably fighting for one roster spot -- though you can never be sure. If it is indeed one spot I think it goes to McQuarters -- who seems too old and slow but manages to survive year after year with his experience and ability to play special teams.

Your thoughts?