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No easy way out for Favre, Packers

I haven't said anything to this point about the Brett Favre situation. But, it's a Sunday and there isn't much else going on, so I'll throw it out there for discussion.

Favre has, of course, reneged on his retirement and asked for his release from the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers, who must feel like marionettes at the end of Favre's puppeteer string, are at this point telling him they won't grant that wish. The Packers, basically, are implying that Favre can return to the team -- as Aaron Rodgers' backup -- if he insists on un-retiring.

Here's GM Ted Thompson.

“We’ve communicated that to Brett, that we have since moved forward. At the same time, we’ve never said that there couldn’t be some role that he might play here. But I would understand his point that he would want to play.”

What a nightmare for Green Bay! There is no scenario I can see under which everyone comes out of this clean.

If they don't release him, Favre has two choices.

  1. Stay retired, in which case everyone will know he is doing so unhappily and his shadow will hang over the entire organization all season.
  2. Return as Rodgers' backup, and cause an immediate controversy as Packer fans wait to see how long the team will hold before Favre is back in the saddle.

If the Packers do release him, that would be a disaster of its own. The legandary Favre wanting to play, and the legendary Packers telling him to go do it elsewhere.

What would happen if he gets released, then shows up playing for the division rival Bears or Vikings -- two teams who should break speed records knocking down Favre's door if he is a free agent?

Either way, this is ugly for the Packers.

But, it sure is fun to sit back and watch it all play out.

Your thoughts?