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Osi: 'I'm Alex Rodriguez'

It seems that maybe we have another New York Giant star angling for a broadcasting career.

I was shocked to turn my radio to ESPN this morning and find Osi Umenyiora subbing as a co-host -- that's right, co-host, not guest -- on 'Mike and Mike in the Morning.'

In the little that I heard, Osi was actually quite good.

He did say one thing that got my attention. Asked about Derek Jeter's standing in New York he compared him to Michael Strahan, a winner and "very beloved."

As for himself, he said "I'm Alex Rodriguez. All the talent, but no love."

Really? I was surprised to hear Osi express that sentiment. Do we not love No. 72? Is he really A-Rod, forever second in our hearts no matter what he does on the field?

Your thoughts?