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What they're saying about Strahan

On the day Michael Strahan announced his retirement, I thought I would honor the best defensive end the Giants have ever had by looking around and seeing what others have to say about the sure Hall of Famer.

From Grizz, at Blogging The Boys .

Even though Strahan played for a rival and tormented the Cowboys on many occasions, I always respected his skill. The guy was one of the best at what he does and deserves recognition for that. But…I’m shedding no tears over his retirement. Good luck on whatever you’re going to do in the future Michael, but I’m happy that we won’t be game-planning for you any longer.

Giants' middle linebacker Antonio Pierce .

"I'm happy he made his decision. I'm not saying I'm happy he retired, I'm just saying I'm happy he made his decision. Now all the questions can stop being asked and we can focus on the guys who are going to play for the 2008 Giants. Strahan is an all-time great and a good friend. I'll do nothing but wish him the best of luck."

John Mara .

“Michael called me earlier this morning to tell me he had decided to retire. I told him I was disappointed and that I knew he could still play at a very high level and we were hoping to have him back. But I certainly understand his decision. I told him he’s been a great Giant. He thanked me for everything the organization has done for him. I said, ‘I think you’ve done more for us than we can ever do for you.’”

Philadelphia Eagles' tackle Jon Runyan, an arch-rival of Strahan's, talking to's Peter King .

"The thing I appreciated about Strahan was how he played the game the right way. Lots of defensive ends just try to run around you. He could bull-rush you and speed-rush you just as well. There's not a lot of guys who could get their hands on you high [at the sho

ulder pads] and then run over you. Not a lot of guys at that position want to play you that way, but Michael did.''

Alex Marvez, writing for Fox Sports , which initially broke the retirement story.

Like John Elway with the Denver Broncos in 1999, Strahan couldn't leave the game on a higher note. He already was the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year (in 1997). He is the league's current active sack leader with 141.5. His 216 games with the Giants are the most in the franchise's storied history. The gap-toothed Strahan also had enough charisma to become one of the league's most marketable players with a potential post-NFL career in broadcasting.

The Big Lead, speaking for many of us here at Big Blue View .

I believe I speak for all Giants fans when I say thank you to Michael Strahan for 15 years of greatness. Thank you for the memories, the dedication to the Giants organization, and most of all for your passion and love of the game. You exemplify what we all dreamed about as kids. Congrats, and good luck. When we see highlights of you at Giants Stadium, we’ll cheer them as loud as we boo Tiki’s.

Thanks, Michael. Enjoy your retirement. As much as I wanted to see you play again, this is the perfect time for you to go out. As a champion.