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Shockey's bitterness is obvious

If it wasn't obvious before it's obvious now that Jeremy Shockey's relationship with the Giants is badly damaged.

Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger caught up with Shockey Saturday when Shockey was in New York doing a promotion for POWERade. This is what Shockey had to say.

The statement I would like to make about the Giants and speculation in the offseason is that whatever happens between the upper management, the lower management, the owners, any management, is going to keep between ourselves. Unlike the Giants, I'm going to be quiet. They've released multiple things about myself. If you look back into the media, theres always a source; well, I'd like to know who the source is, we'll go over here and deal it out ourself. Because I haven't said one negative thing towards the Giants in the newspapers, I have never expressed feelings about the things you guys made up,

That's pretty biting, bitter stuff from Shockey.

I don't know what to make of Shockey's accusatory tone. I do know that the Giants are DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS and they have no need to walk on egg shells around Shockey.

If he's going to be a Giant, the best thing Shockey can do is shut his mouth and play like the All-Pro tight end he has been in the past.

Of course, Shockey being Shockey I'm sure that isn't how this will go down.

[UPDATE: I wish I had read this earlier, but Ralph Vacchiano has a great, informative take on the Shockey situation this morning. It's a must read.]