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Moving on to offensive tackle

The offensive guards joining our Big Blue View All-Time Giants will be Ron Stone and Chris Snee. Stone was the leading vote-getter with 25, and Snee had 22. Jack Stroud finished with 13 votes, and I'm not surprised he finished a distant third since many Giants fans know nothing about him.

I'm not sure Snee has done enough yet to really deserve this honor, but he is a terrific player so I can't really complain.

Anyway, let's move on to select the offensive tackles.

Here are your nominees.

Jumbo Elliott -- One Pro Bowl in a 14-year career with the Giants and Jets from 1988-2002. Anchored the left side of the Giants line for several seasons.

Cal Hubbard -- Inducted into the Hall of Fame as a tackle in 1963. Played from 1927-36, but only two of those seasons were with the Giants. Was a two-way player who played tackle and guard on offense, and tackle and end on defense.

Rosey Brown -- Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1975. Brown was a nine-time Pro Bowler and eight-time All Pro. Played for the Giants for 13 seasons, beginning in 1953.

Brad Benson -- We put Benson in the voting at guard, but many of you have corrected us. So, he's back by popular demand. One Pro Bowl in a 10-year career, spent entirely with the Giants. He was a mainstay of the line during the Bill Parcells Era.

Al Blozis -- Only played for three seasons, from 1942-44. Named to one Pro Bowl and one All Pro team in those three years.

I'm probably leaving out a couple of guys, but that's a good list. Oh, and if any of you says Luke Petitgout belongs on this list I may just have to ban you. Petitgout's not close.

Vote in the poll. You have until Thursday night.