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The Ray Handley All-Stars

It should be noted that while all of you are busy voting on an All-time Giants team and its head coach, Big Blue View has been working behind the scenes on a special project we know all of you will enjoy. I am proud to stand here on stage at the Motel 6 in Weehawken, NJ and present to you The All-Time Worst Giants Team. This was no easy task to assemble all of these players, but we've managed to do it.

When naming a head coach, there seemed to be only one man for the job, and that would be former head coach and famous card-counter Ray Handley. Handley_medium
Ray couldn't be with us tonight, but when BBV called to congratulate him, upon hearing the good news, he remarked "Who the @*^& is this? How the @%$* did you get this number? What the $%$@ is Big Blue View? &%$# off!!!!!!" Ray's a big kidder, always with the jokes. We know he is proud of the team we've assembled

Here are some of the guidelines we followed for putting this team together:

1. This list is based solely on the player's performance as a New York Giant. What they did in Washington, Denver, the defunct World Football League, the XFL, or Pop Warner had no bearing. Some are great players who left their talent at Newark Airport when they came to the Giants, and some are players who left the Giants and found success in other places. But they were all bad as Giants.

2. Much to Mr. Cronin's chagrin, these players are all "Wilderness Years" and later, because quite frankly, those are the players we know best. But as always, BBV welcomes any suggestions of names from the 30's, 40's and 50's, there is always room for more on this team, we have no roster limits

So without further ado, or in this team's case, adon't, let's get right to it!

Beginning with the Offense:

QB: The Bachelor, The Fumble, and The XFL MVP (also known as Jesse Palmer, Joe Pisarcik, and Tommy Maddox)

RB: Rocky Thompson, Herschel Walker, Brian Mitchell, Larry Csonka

WR: Emery Moorehead, Thomas Lewis, Odessa Turner, Brian Alford, Herman Moore

TE: Derek Brown, Aaron Pierce, Al Pupunu

OL: Luke Petitgout, Scott Gragg, Jeff Hatch, John Hicks, Trey Junkin

Giants football has always been about the Defense, with these guys being the exception

DL: Cedric "Cyclops" Jones, Kanavis McGhee, William Joseph, Frank Ferrara (Sopranos stunt work notwithstanding)

LB: Carlos Emmons, Barrett Green, Coleman Rudolph, Mike Croel, Lavar Arrington

DB: Jeremy Lincoln, Dave Thomas, Ralph Brown, Elvis "Toast" Patterson, Thomas Randolph

P: Matt Allen, Mike Horan ( a team this bad needs two punters!!!)

K: Bob Timberlake (he was 1 for 15 in FGA's in 1965, including 2 misses from inside 20 yards)

So there you have it, the All-Time Worst Giants team. I'd like to thank everyone for coming out tonight, and please, help yourself to a can of Pabst and a corn dog, there's plenty of both!

The thing that amazed me when putting this together is how many of these guys, whether they were draft picks, free agents, walk-ons, or radio contest winners, never played for another NFL team after they left the Giants.