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Strahan stirs the pot

By now you have probably read Michael Strahan's assertion that the Giants need to part ways with Jeremy Shockey.

"It’s a situation where he doesn’t want to be here; he doesn’t want to play here. That’s obvious with everything that’s going on. I don’t think you really gain much by keeping a guy around, regardless of how well he plays for you, there’s always that tension and that’s one thing you can’t have if you’re expected to go back and repeat and have a team that’s going to get everything you expect out of them.

"You can’t have that tension. You have to have guys there who are happy to be there, not someone who is there and doing his job and no doubt he’d do his job very well, but you just don’t need that extra in the locker room, especially since he is one of the older guys, one of the leaders. You don’t need that out of one of your leaders.

"So I think the best thing for them and for Shockey is if they have the opportunity, let him go. You read the paper; you know it’s like that. I’m not telling you anything that’s a secret. He doesn’t want to be there."

Forget whether or not we agree with Strahan. Most of us probably do.

Do you have a problem with Strahan speaking so forcefully about the Giants so soon after retiring?

Personally, I don't. This is what FOX pays him for now.


Goodbye, J-Load!'s Don Banks is bummed by the Giants' recent decision to release Jared Lorenzen.

One of my favorite training camp stops in recent years was the Giants in Albany, N.Y., just to get the chance to watch the roly-poly Lorenzen get his share of practice snaps. I always walked away entertained, and believing if John Daly could suit up and play in the NFL, that's what it would look like.

Wishing no ill will on Eli Manning, I always secretly hoped fate would force the Giants to turn to Lorenzen as a starter just once in his career, because if the big lug ever won a game or two he would have immediately ascended to cult figure status in New York. Now we'll probably never get to witness that particular phenomena, and it feels like an opportunity we shouldn't have missed.


Chris Snee's 6-year contract will be worth $43 million. I'm sure Plaxico Burress wants more than that.