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Monday morning tidbits

Here are a few interesting items on a Monday morning.


With all the distractions the Giants have had this off-season, you would think the Cowboys, Redskins and Eagles would be salivating at an opportunity to knock down the defending champs.

Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News has warned Cowboys faithful not to be so hasty in dismissing the Giants, though.

The reality is that if the Giants have taken full advantage of the New York media market to capitalize on their Super Bowl, the status of their troubles is much exaggerated, too. ...

The real blocking and tackling doesn't get under way for another five weeks. And even then the regular season is six weeks away.

When it finally arrives, the team that should be regarded the highest is the team that accomplished something in the playoffs. Not the one that hasn't produced in the postseason in a decade and still has much to prove.

Common sense out of Dallas. Amazing!


Donovan McNabb of the Eagles has seen plenty of locker room distractions, and he understands the potential issues the Giants face with Jeremy Shockey, Plaxico Burress and everything else that has been going on.

"I don't know if it will tear them apart. They have enough guys in the locker room that they won't have to worry about it. But when people start taking sides, that is when it becomes a problem. That was definitely a major problem with what happened to us."


Michael Strahan is enjoying retirement. And he isn't coming back. Unless ...

"No way, I'm not coming back, don't worry, man, not happening," Strahan says. "But if the Giants offered a million dollars a game? I'm not a fool! You're damn right I'd come back, I'd be like Willis Reed out there every week, limping onto the field for that kind of money. But it's gotta be something utterly ridiculous, like unprecedented."

That's not happening. So, enjoy retirement, Michael.