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Who should coach our All-Time Team?

Our man 'jrs' is working on the history of the Giants coaching tree. Soon, he will be giving you an in-depth look at every coach the Giants have ever had. I am looking forward to what we can all learn from that.

I want to vote on the coach for our Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team next. To get that going, here is the short version.

The candidates are below, with a quick bio. We will be getting more detail from 'jrs,' on these guys, but this will get the voting started.

The candidates.

  • Steve Owen -- Coached the Giants from 1931-53. Won NFL titles in 1934 and 1938, and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1966. A 151-100-17 overall record.
  • Jim Lee Howell -- Succeeded Owen and coached from 1954-60. A 53-37-4 overall record and an NFL title in 1956.
  • Allie Sherman -- Coached from 1961-68, and was a two-time Coach of the Year. A 57-51-4 record, but probably gets demerits for coaching at the beginning of the 'Wilderness Years.'
  • Bill Parcells -- Two-time Super Bowl winner (1986, 1990) and was the coach who brought the Giants back into prominence. We all know Parcells history, and I think he's the odds-on favorite to win here. A 77-49-1 overall record with the Giants.
  • Jim Fassel -- Gentleman Jim was 58-53-1 from 1997-2003. One Super Bowl appearance and one Coach of the Year honor. He was borderline to make this list, but I think he did enough to make it.
  • Tom Coughlin -- Coughlin's story is yet to be fully written, but he is en route to going down as one of the best Giants coaches ever. A Super Bowl title, three playoff appearances and a 35-29 record in his four seasons.

As always, vote in the poll. You have until Thursday night. Oh, and check in for 'jrs' look at all 17 Giants coaches.