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Wednesday Walk Around The League

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Here are some stories from around the NFL today.

  • I've given you a few stories on the Bills playing some of their home games in Toronto, and how some are fighting it, saying it will mean the death of the CFL. Today in the National Post, Leslie Roberts says Toronto needs the NFL, because it helps them maintain their major league status as a major North American city.
  • Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter says he is done with the Spygate mess.
  • 3 years ago, he was the MVP of the league, now Clark Judge of CBS Sportsline says that the general consensus around the league is that former Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander's career may be over at 30.
  • The Houston Chronicle says its time to raise the expectations for the Texans.
  • As most of you have probably heard, Raiders WR Javon Walker was found on a Vegas street beaten and robbed. The San Francisco Chronicle has some updated information about Walker's night in Vegas.

    To me, this Javon Walker story is just another example of the NFL and its teams failing the players. I think the NFL needs to do a better job of teaching these kids how to be men. The NFL as a whole is not doing enough to teach its players on the pratfalls of being a rich celebrity. I would like to see the league put together a task force of former players that can work closely with each team and show these young players about making the right choices off the field, about how promising careers can be lost because of your off the field actions (i.e Vick Brothers, Jason Peter, Lawrence Phillips)
  • Finally, since I always like to finish on a good note, congrats to Erica Hall on achieving her lifelong dream.