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Tuesday notebook

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A few Giants notes for a Tuesday.

  • Former GM Ernie Accorsi has been hired as a consultant by the NFL. His first duty will be to co-chair a new general managers advisory committee.
  • Teams are being held to an 80-player roster limit for training camp, and Tom Coughlin and his staff are trying to figure out how to work with that limited number. “It is a big difference,” Coughlin said when the Giants wrapped up their mini-camp last week. “You will have to (change your planning). Hopefully, you will be as healthy as you can be and you won’t have to do a lot of radical changing. I’m not a mathematician, but most of you guys can figure out that by the time you include special teams, you are not talking 80, you are talking in the 70s. And then when you have people that are coming off surgeries and can’t work, even if it is the one (practice) a day type thing, you have to be sure that the other players at that position – even if they are young - don’t get the overexposures. But as a whole you still have to move forward. I can’t tell you when I went to a camp with 80 guys.”
  • Clark Judge of CBS Sportsline says Jeremy Shockey's teammates are the only ones who really know if Shockey can still fit in their locker room -- and their lineup.
  • One more on Shockey. Sporting News columnist Clifton Brown says the Giants should forget trading him . He says the Giants and the unhappy tight end need each other.