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Time to send Shockey packing

Is a trade the only way out of this Jeremy Shockey mess?

Shockey apparently had a shouting match with GM Jerry Reese during mini-camp, and now coach Tom Coughlin is referring to him simply as "an issue."

Ralph Vacchiano said yesterday in his Blue Screen blog that "a trade might not be such a bad idea."

That's a stance that was advocated earlier in the week by Daily News columnist Gary Myers.

The Giants need the firepower Shockey brings, but that is canceled out by the problems he's capable of causing. They should have taken the second-round pick from Sean Payton when the Saints wanted him very badly. Maybe those talks can be revived. Unless Shockey shows that he wants to be here and is motivated to prove the Giants can win it all with him, then he's not worth the headache. They have already proven they can beat the best teams without him.

At this point, I agree.

With a healthy, happy Shockey the Giants are more talented. Are they a better team? The fact that they won the Super Bowl without him speaks to that.

Talented as he is, the Giants don't NEED him. And that, really, is Shockey's biggest problem.

The Giants have done nothing to Shockey. He got hurt, and the Giants won the biggest prize there is without him. He's not, and never again will be, the primary weapon in their offense. His feelings are hurt.

Waaa, waaaa, waaaa. Crybaby Jeremy. Let him go cry in New Orleans. Or Oakland. Or anywhere.

The Giants won the Super Bowl as a team. They don't need Shockey tearing that down.