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Who cares about numbers, anyway?

Meet Kenny Phillips. No. 1 on your Giants' draft board. No. 1 at the University of Miami. No. 1 in my heart ... for taking uniform number 21.

Yep, when rookie mini-camp opens today Phillips will be wearing 21, the number formerly worn by some former Giant running back. What was his name? Tiki something. Blabber? Blubber? Berber?

Seriously, it is interesting to me how quickly the Giants have put No. 21 back into circulation. I doubt there will be an outcry like the one that happened this spring when the Yankees tried to put their own No. 21, formerly worn by Paul O'Neill, back in circulation.

In fact, I doubt anyone will really care at all.

Why is it that, in baseball, we get all worked up about uniform numbers and which ones should no longer be worn? In football, though, we don't seem to give a hoot.

The Giants have retired only 11 numbers in their history. They are as follows:

  • 1 -- Ray Flaherty
  • 4 -- Tuffy Leemans
  • 7 -- Mel Hein
  • 11 -- Phil Simms
  • 14 -- Y.A. Tittle
  • 16 -- Frank Gifford
  • 32 -- Al Blozis
  • 40 -- Joe Morrison
  • 42 -- Charlie Conerly
  • 50 -- Ken Strong
  • 56 -- Lawrence Taylor

Oh, and one more thing. Bryan Kehl, the rookie linebacker from BYU, will be wearing No. 53 when he hits the field this morning. Harry Carson's 53.

How is it that Simms has his number retired, but Carson doesn't? Isn't Carson the one in the Hall of Fame?

Honestly, it doesn't bother that 21 is already in circulation for the Giants. It does bother me, though, that the Giants haven't retired Carson's number.

Your thoughts?