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Where does Andre Woodson fit in?

We have reached the sixth round in our look at how the various Giants' draft picks will fit into the 2008 roster.

That means it's time to discuss Kentucky quarterback Andre Woodson.

Here at Big Blue View, we have probably already talked about Woodson more than any other Giants' draft pick, including first-rounder Kenny Phillips and controversial third-rounder Mario Manningham.

Quarterbacks generate interest -- even ones we hope we never have to watch play in a regular-season game.

So, where does Woodson fit with the Giants?

With Woodson and free-agent signee David Carr added this off-season the Giants now have five quarterbacks on the roster.

Eli Manning, of course, is going nowhere . As long as he stays healthy, the Super Bowl MVP is the Giants' quarterback for the next decade.

Backing him up is where Woodson comes in. Off-season moves by GM Jerry Reese (picking up Carr and Woodson) tell you that the team was not happy with Anthony Wright and Jared Lorenzen behind Eli.

We have discussed it some, but you have to think there is no way Lorenzen makes this team. I wouldn't be surprised if he is cut long before training camp.

Wright will probably be kept as a veteran presence in the event that the Giants don't like what they see from Carr once camp opens. If Carr works out, though, you would think he will be No. 2 and Woodson will be carrying a clipboard as No. 3.

The hope, of course, is that within a couple of years Woodson can develop into a quality backup the Giants wouldn't be nervous about actually having to use.