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Where does Jonathan Goff fit in?

In our ongoing look at where the Giants' draft choices fit in, we have reached fifth-round selection Jonathan Goff.

Let's put it bluntly. The selection of the middle linebacker from Vanderbilt is very bad news for fan favorite Chase Blackburn, a good special teams guy who has never gotten a full chance to play.

Antonio Pierce is entering his eighth NFL season, and is still a rock against the run in the middle of the Giants' defense -- as well as one of the team's emotional leaders.

Pierce will play as long as he is healthy. Down the road, though, Goff could be the guy who replaces him. had projected Goff as a mid-second round choice, so he was great value in the fifth round.

Here is some video.

So, again, Goff is a guy who could end up knocking Blackburn off this team. If I was Blackburn, I would try to show the coaching staff I could also play outside.

Jonathan Goff

#47 / Linebacker / Vanderbilt Commodores