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Lynch joins BBV All-Time Team

In a very close vote, Dick Lynch edged Mark Haynes, 24-20, for the first cornerback slot on our Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team.

As promised, now we will select the second cornerback. Since many of you wanted Mark Collins on the original ballot, the second corner slot will be between those two.

Go ahead and vote in the poll.

After this, we have one safety slot remaining and our defensive unit is complete.

Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team

Punter -- Sean Landeta
Placekicker -- Matt Bahr
Defensive End -- Michael Strahan
Defensive End -- Leonard Marshall
Defensive Tackle -- Roosevelt Grier
Middle Linebacker -- Harry Carson
Middle Linebacker -- Sam Huff
Outside Linebacker -- Lawrence Taylor
Outside Linebacker -- Brad Van Pelt
Cornerback -- Dick Lynch
Cornerback -- To Be Determined
Safety -- Emlen Tunnell
Safety -- To Be Determined