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Where does Bryan Kehl fit in?

I mentioned last week that I was intrigued by Bryan Kehl, the linebacker from BYU for whom Jerry Reese traded up to choose in the fourth round of the NFL Draft.

Continuing our look at where all the draft choices could fit on the roster, it's time to look at Kehl.

Outside linebackers who could play prominent roles on this team include Mathias Kiwanuka (he's a linebacker until Jerry Reese or Tom Coughlin says otherwise), Gerris Wilkinson, free-agent signee Danny Clark and Zak DeOssie.

Unless Kiwanuka moves back to defensive end, I don't see playing time for Kehl in front of anyone is this group -- at least not right away.

Sports Illustrated was very complementary toward Kehl in it's profile, though.

Kehl is an active linebacker who has watched his game improve the past two seasons. Tough against the run, he also displays skill in coverage and could develop into a starter on the weak side by his second season in the league.

Here's some video, from the film room.

Kehl seems like a high upside guy a team like the Giants, with some quality players in front of him, can afford to develop.

In terms of the roster, his presence is probably bad news for end of the roster guys like Tank Daniels or Rory Johnson.