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Where will Terrell Thomas fit in?

With his well-documented injury history USC's Terrell Thomas was a bit of a controversial pick in the second round by the Giants.

If he's healthy, though, Thomas does bring much-needed youth and athleticism to the cornerback position. He also reportedly brings a willingness to play bump-and-run coverage, something which is much-needed in Steve Spagnuolo's defensive system.

So, where does Thomas fit on the 2008 Giants?

Initially, I don't see Thomas getting on the field much except in dime packages that require a fourth cornerback. He should wind up fighting Kevin Dockery for playing time in that capacity.

My belief, today, is that last year's No. 1 pick, Aaron Ross, will be at one corner. At the other corner, Corey Webster will be given every chance to prove that last season's outstanding post-season work was no fluke. That leaves Sam Madison playing in the slot in nickel packages.

I do think that the arrival of Thomas, the late-season addition of rookie corner Geoffrey Pope and the development of Domenic Hixon as a kick returner could be bad news in the end for veteran RW McQuarters.

Your thoughts?

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