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Open Thread: Let's get to know each other better

It's a Sunday in May, and there truthfully isn't much football to talk about.

So, let's do something we haven't done in a long time. Let's throw the floor open for a completely open thread.

  • You want to talk NBA playoffs? Go for it.
  • You want to talk about the crummy starts by the Yankees and Mets? Go for it.
  • You want to tell us a little about yourselves? Please do. I've noticed quite a few unfamiliar names commenting in recent weeks. Tell us a little about yourself -- why you love the Giants, how you became a fan, where live, whatever -- so we get to know you better.
  • Been here a while and want to tell us something new about yourself? Please do.

I'll start with this little tidbit. I start a new full-time job on Monday that I'm thrilled about. You guys have benefitted from the fact that I got laid off 6 weeks ago, but Monday morning it is back to the real world for me.

Don't worry, though, I'll still be here for ya!

Other than that, the floor is yours. Do with it what you will.

BallHype: hype it up!