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Wednesday Walk Around The League

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Some stories from around the league, from the serious to the stupid.

  • The Green Bay Gazette talks about Packers DE Aaron Kampman pitching in to help an Iowa town devastated by recent tornadoes
  • CBS Sportsline's Pete Prisco has compiled a list of overrated/underrated players in the NFL. No big surprise who he thinks is the Giants most overrated player, but how can Adam Vinateri be on this list?
  • Canadian Senator Larry Campbell is proposing a bill to keep the NFL out of Canada, fearing it will bring down the 100 year old CFL.
  • Mike Sando of ESPN thinks the quality of NFL QB's is getting thin.
  • What state do you think has had the most high school football players make it to the NFL? If you're like me and said Texas you'd be dead wrong.
  • OK, this one is part baseball, part football, part boxing, and all embarrassing. Looks like Jose Canseco has found someone to help him "box" his way out of debt, and its former Eagle Vai Sikahema, who you remember once scored a KO against the Giants Stadium goalpost. Jose and Vai to fight in AC