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All-Time Team defense is set

Spider Lockhart edged Jimmy Patton, 31-24, in the voting for the second safety position on our Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team. So, our defense is set.

Now we move to the offense.

Let's start with the least glamorous position on the offensive unit -- center.

To be honest, this should not even be a contested position. Hall of Famer Mel Hein should get this position, no question. Having said that, and probably biased the vote, I will put it out there for you guys to decide anyway.

Your nominees:

  • Mel Hein -- Four-time Pro Bowler and five-time first-team All-Pro is a 15-year Giants career. Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1963. Here is the blurb on Hein: "Originally joined the Giants in 1931 and played 15 seasons for the Giants, a record of team service that is matched by only Phil Simms. He was named All-NFL eight straight years from 1933-40. Following a successful college career at Washington State, Hein wrote to three NFL clubs offering his services. The Giants bid the highest at $150 per game. Hein was a 60-minute regular for 15 years. He played in a Giants team record 172 games. Hein never missed a game in the National Football League or in college and high school. He took time out only in two games and was injured only once. Hein was named the League's Most Valuable Player after anchoring a line that helped guide the Giants to the 1938 World Championship with a 23-17 victory over the Green Bay Packers at the Polo Grounds."
  • Bart Oates -- Five-time Pro Bowler in an 11-year career. Two of those Pro Bowls came while Oates was a member of the San Francisco 49ers, however. Played on two Super Bowl championship teams.
  • Ray Wietecha -- Named to four Pro Bowls and honored once as an All Pro in a 10-year career from 1953-62.
  • Greg Larson -- One Pro Bowl appearance in a 13-year career spanning many of the Wilderness Years, 1961-73.
  • Vote in the attached poll. You have until next Thursday night.

  • Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team

    Punter -- Sean Landeta
    Placekicker -- Matt Bahr
    Defensive End -- Michael Strahan
    Defensive End -- Leonard Marshall
    Defensive Tackle -- Roosevelt Grier
    Middle Linebacker -- Harry Carson
    Middle Linebacker -- Sam Huff
    Outside Linebacker -- Lawrence Taylor
    Outside Linebacker -- Brad Van Pelt
    Cornerback -- Dick Lynch
    Cornerback -- Mark Collins
    Safety -- Emlen Tunnell
    Safety -- Spider Lockhart