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How the Giants new LBs stack up

The Giants added two linebackers in the draft, Bryan Kehl in the fourth round and Jonathan Goff in the fifth. Here is some information about them.

I am intrigued by Kehl since GM Jerry Reese found it necessary to trade up for him in the fourth round, giving up one of his extra sixth-round picks.

From NFL Draft Countdown:

A pretty good all-around player whose physical tools are passable and gets pushed over the top by doing all the little things...Probably not starting material but can make a roster & contribute..Backup / Special Teamer.

The Giants also drafted middle linebacker Jonathan Goff, from Vanderbilt, in the fifth round.

Here is what Footballs Future had to say about Goff.

Goff is a physical, run stuffing force at middle linebacker. He quickly diagnoses the run, and attacks the line of scrimmage. He will take on blockers and battle until he gets to the ball carrier. Goff has the ability to make plays up and down the line of scrimmage, as long as the play is in front of him. He has good size, and the frame to get even bigger to develop even more at the next level.

Goff may lack the change of direction ability and athleticism to be more than a run stopper in the NFL.. He gets lost in space and loses ground when changing directions when asked to cover. He may be limited to a two down role in the NFL. He will also have to pack on some more weight, and he has a lanky build right now.

Goff is one of the best inside linebackers available for the draft. He is an excellent run stopper, and should make an impact there right away in the NFL. He may never be a big time playmaker from his inside linebacker spot, but he will help clog running lanes between the tackles.

Sounds to me like the Giants have added a couple of players who could at the very least add some quality depth. Goff might even be a guy who could replace Antonio Pierce down the road.

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