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Chargers screw up the plan

Oh, crud.

With the 27th pick in the SBN Mock Draft the San Diego Chargers have taken Kenny Phillips.

The pick was made by Rob Zepeda of Bolt Hype. He was a guest blogger since SBN does not have a Chargers blog. Damn you, Zepeda! What's the big idea coming in as a 'guest' and screwing up the first round for the defending Super Bowl champions.

Argh! Go back where you came from!

So, what now Big Blue View Nation?

Two linebackers who have been linked to the Giants, Jerod Mayo of Tennessee and Dan Connor (Penn State) are currently on the board.

The big offensive tackle from Boston College, Gosder Cherilus, is a guy the Giants seem to like.

How about North Carolina defensive tackle Kentwan Balmer? Oklahoma safety Reggie Smith? Maybe even the talented, but enigmatic Michigan wide receiver Mario Manningham?

Pay attention to the picks that come down during the day Thursday and let me hear your opinion. I was locked in on Phillips, and now I'm not sure which way I should go.