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Kiper not fond of Giants' draft

Personally, I don't care what Mel Kiper has to say about the Giants' draft. But, for those of you who put stock in Kiper's opinion, here is what he said about the Giants.

I understand taking safety Kenny Phillips with the last pick in the first round. He had a great sophomore season in 2006. Terrell Thomas could be a No. 2 cornerback, but I thought that pick was just OK. Wide receiver Mario Manningham is worth a role of the dice in the third round because he has talent, but his stock dropped in the months leading up to the draft, with some teams viewing him as a late-round pick. Jonathan Goff was a good find in the fifth round, and the same can be said about Andre' Woodson in Round 6. Defensive end Robert Henderson is just a marginal prospect.

Grade: C+

Like I said, I could care less.

I used this link before, but I have to do it again. When it comes to Kiper, this is more like it.