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A little more on Andre Woodson

I reached out to our friends over at A Sea of Blue, SB Nation's fine University of Kentucky blog, for information about Andre Woodson.

Here is what they had to say.

SWOT analysis of André Woodson:


1. Powerful throwing arm. I can't overstate this. Can throw the long ball with touch.
2. Cool in the pocket -- does not panic.
3. Makes good defensive reads -- André was very successful at reading the defense and changing the play on the line at UK.
4. Tall and athletic -- Can see over linemen with relative ease, and is a good athlete.
5. Avoids throwing the ball into traffic -- seems to instinctively put the ball where only the receiver can catch it, as evidenced by his very high QB rating while at UK.


1. Does not have quick feet -- André Woodson is athletic, but has slow feet and poor footwork on the run. Not quick.
2. Odd throwing motion -- Woodson has a relatively slow release and a long wind-up. Mike Martz tried to monkey with Woodson's release during the Senior Bowl, with disastrous results.
3. Holds the ball too long -- Woodson tends to hold the ball too long in the pocket, rather than getting rid of it. Needs to improve judgment in this area.
4. Not strong with the football -- When Woodson gets pressure in the backfield, he tends not to secure the ball. Several times this year he was hit in the pocket and fumbled. This goes hand in hand with his holding the ball too long.
5. Tendency to be too cautious -- Woodson will sometimes lead receivers too far or too wide trying to ensure that the defense cannot get a good break on the ball.
6. Slow checking down receivers -- André is a little slow checking to his secondaries.


1. Woodson is very coachable and willing. He will allow QB coaches to work with him on his weaknesses.
2. Woodson will put forth the effort it takes to learn an offensive system.
3. He will battle through challenges, and take advantage of opportunities.
4. André is a genuinely nice young man who will work well with his teammates, and understands how to lead.


1. Although never inured seriously, Woodson took too many hits at Kentucky. He must learn how to take much fewer in the NFL.
2. André's motion has him releasing the ball in different places. If he doesn't change it, he will have trouble with the size and speed of the NFL backfield and rushers, and getting the ball in the right place to his receivers.
3. André's legs are a bit spindly and slow to get moving when he runs, rendering him susceptible to knee injury if he gets hit there. André is not what you would call "nimble."
4. Woodson fumbles the football when he gets hit, especially late in the play or on speed blitzes that get to him. No coach wants that. It must change.

Andre Woodson video