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Woodson a diamond in the rough?

At least one NFL analyst, Thomas George of, thinks the Giants may have made the best pick of the draft when they selected Kentucky QB Andre Woodson.

Tom Brady was drafted eight years ago at pick No. 199.

Andre Woodson went to the Giants on Sunday afternoon at pick No. 198.

Similarities exist in these sixth-round picks. Both are quarterbacks with big arms. Both possess superior football intelligence. Both found their college production relatively ignored.

And the major common element: Too many teams passed on these two snappy passers.

I am not saying that Woodson is Brady.

I am saying that Woodson was certainly not deserving of being the 12th quarterback taken in this draft. He deserved much more.

And I believe he will become the best quarterback in this draft.

Oh, he might sit awhile behind Eli Manning, who is just getting started, with a Super Bowl championship in only his fourth pro season.

But the Giants have a splendid backup they can groom for their own enjoyment or a commodity they could use for prime trade value. They have a quarterback who when he gains opportunities in preseason games or as a sub in real games will turn heads.

I see a star quarterback here.