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My take on No. 2 pick Terrell Thomas

The Giants selection of Terrell Thomas a cornerback from USC, was somewhat of a surprise.

With Penn State linebacker Dan Connor, considered by some to be a first-round talent, still on the board I expected him to be the pick. Giants' fans at Radio City were chanting Connor's name.

I have no issue with the selection of a corner. With Sam Madison aging and Corey Webster still needing to show he can play well for a full season this was an area that needed help.

I am just not sure Thomas was the best corner available. Justin King of Penn State and Charles Godfrey of Iowa were expected to go before Thomas.

We will see how this one works out, but Thomas was a questionable choice in this spot.

With Reese's track record, though, I am trusting him until he is proven wrong.

Scouts Inc.'s take

What he brings: He is vulnerable to getting beat deep when left on an island. He is also another player who has a long history of injuries. However, he has excellent size and good upper-body strength, so he can slow receivers down at the line. There's also a lot to like about his versatility; he can line up at safety and does a very good job covering kicks.

How he fits: The Giants' main weakness on defense last season was their secondary. Thomas will help improve this area of the game. Sam Madison is getting up in age and has declining skills. R.W. McQuarters is better suited as a No. 4 or No. 5 corner. Thomas has some versatility, but played corner primarily at USC. He fits in Steve Spagnuolo's system, who loves to run zone-blitz schemes.