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Good news, bad news day

It's a good news, bad news morning here at Big Blue View.

Good news: Osi Umenyiora says he won't hold out. Hooray! That takes care of one potential distraction the defending Super Bowl champions (God, I still love saying that!) didn't need.

Bad News: Big Blue View's migration to the SBN 2.0 platform will be delayed until next week due to some technical issues. So, you're stuck with trusty old 1.0 for the draft.

Speaking of the draft, I am still uncertain about live blogging the blessed event. I plan to, but we'll see if the family has other ideas. Check in and see.

Glauber's Mock: Newsday's Bob Glauber posted his mock draft today. The Giants took ... Jerod Mayo.

Gerris' Big Chance: The Giants plan to give Gerris Wilkinson every chance to prove he can be an impact player.