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Pacman to be a Cowboy -- and I think that's just fine

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Pacman Jones is going to be a Dallas Cowboy -- if Roger Goodell lets him back in the league, that is.

That is as good a reason as any to take a break from all my poetry/songwriting -- and Giants discussion -- and look at what is happening around the league as the draft approaches.

As for the Cowboys, owner Jerry Jones is continuing to turn his team into the old-time Oakland Raiders -- a halfway house for misfits.

He's got TO. He's got Tony 'Jetsetter' Romo, who might be more interested in getting a ring for Jessica than one for his team. Now he's got Pacman, the baddest of the league's bad boys. He's got a lame-duck coach in Wade Phillips, whose anointed successor is already on his staff.

Good luck controlling that mob, Wade! Jones has collected a ton of talent, but the Cowboys are still a mess -- a ticking time bomb waiting to implode. As Giants fans, I suspect we will enjoy the show.

Of course, over at Blogging The Boys they disagree.

From 'Grizz.'

Well, get ready for all the barbs from the rest of the league but who cares? If Pacman plays up to the ability he's shown in the past and he stays out of trouble - I know, insert joke here - then we'll be having the last laugh.

Grizz, you're a great blogger. But, if you think Pacman will stay clean you are simply acting like a delusional fan.

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About that new platform. It will be unveiled here tomorrow. I seem to be having a little trouble lately getting my dates straight. Anyway, be sure to check it out.