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The J Shock Boogie

It's a brand new dance step! Call it 'The J Shock Boogie.'

It goes something like this.

Do the Giants want him in?
Do the Giants want him out?
No one's sure, but they're searching all about.

We know the Saints are in.
Of that they've left no doubt.
We don't know their offer, but soon we may find out.

Some say the Seahawks are in.
Yet, they say they are out.
All we know for sure is there are rumors all about.

Pundits say the Dolphins might be in.
Personally, I'd prefer that they were out.
That Bill Parcells, he's a freakin' traitorous lout.

Where's Al Davis? I'm sure he must be in.
I simply can't believe Old Al would sit this one out.
Of course maybe it's Al's brain for which the Raiders are looking all about.

We're sure there are others wanting in.
Which means beloved Jeremy is likely out.
That is a circumstance Giants fans aren't sure how to feel about.